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My cat Eric wanted to start an Instagram account. I said that's fine. He wanted some "sexy pics" to get some quick "likes". He was outraged when he saw that I was caught in the mirror and… https://t.co/RlJ3fKKZP1

It was a good run. Goodbye Old Cherry Doc Marten's...Hello New Cherry Doc Marten's. We walked for 8 years together and could of walked more. If you want the old ones go to the Value… https://t.co/E8k950v44Q

The last chance at Third Party in America was This Guy, Ross Perot. But the Reds and Blues crushed that choice for the people. Found this cool button at St.Lawrence Antique Market on… https://t.co/xgmCA4R3dO

My walls are covered with art work I have collected. I found this gem at the St.Lawrence Antique Market on Sunday. Hard to explain what I like about it. But it is art to me. And All… https://t.co/hh76Tabkio

If you have a SIRIUS/XM radio...I will be floating around the airwaves. Check it out. https://t.co/d8NWKVWgqI
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dave has been a standup comedian for over two decades.  He has also hosted many acclaimed comedy podcasts and television specials over the years. His current podcast project NO WRONG ANSWERS is developing a steady following. In recent news, Dave has just released Volume One of Some of the People … Some of the Time.  A four volume retrospective comedy album series.
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