5 days ago
That feeling is a parent gets when they see their kid hit a baseball I get seeing my Cats catching a bird on the balcony. Tim & Eric worked togethet, It was quick and they both shared the… https://t.co/LzD3D8p22m
1 week ago
Flashback Friday when the NXNE music festival tried to be a Comedy festival too. Was a nice idea...poor execution. Rock n' Roll & Comedy didn't mix well that summer but this line up is… https://t.co/M7F1cOKZlM
1 week ago
This is the view out my place and couldn't help but notice how much it looks like the cover of Pink Floyd's "Animals". All I need is a floating Pig to fly bye. I am looking at you Doug… https://t.co/MxRVquFU6N
2 weeks ago
Toronto Life Magazine July 1973...
Ah Yes the 70's when something could be just funny and before we loved to say "How dare they!!!That's Not Right!!"
I don't have kids and this seems… https://t.co/VUSkuu7RZF
2 weeks ago
First day as both Celebrity Judge and Emecce for the Etobicoke RibFest. Thank you to all that are involved and thank you most of all to all the chickens who stood up, sacrificed… https://t.co/Lf05lqPU0H

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dave has been a standup comedian for over two decades.  He has hosted many acclaimed comedy podcasts and television specials over the years.  

His current podcast project NO WRONG ANSWERS has developed a loyal following while Dave compiles a four-volume comedy album series entitled 

Some of the People, Some of the Time