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Who ever said Toronto has everything has never been to Truro, Nova Scotia. Was nice stopping in to the Engine Room to have lunch with Mark Walker on our way to Saint John. Wish I could of… https://t.co/cvwrvl8QHa

Okay people...Tomorrow is the big day.
Regular smokers please look out for First Time Smokers.
Help and forgive them for they know not what they smoke and Eat.
We want this to work… https://t.co/awVunF6CZi

Pretty sure cats will NOT Love this!
Went out walking and saw this at the Freaklunch Box in Halifax. Nice try but my cats Tim&Eric can barely tolerate their top hat's and bow ties...and… https://t.co/fBB5YLYTzF

Third show of the week and third time still behind the merch table with Kenny Robinson and Darren Frost. Always love coming here to do shows...and last night's was the biggest and best.… https://t.co/ikj20mT0h7

Doing a bunch of radio today to promote East Coast Tour with Kenny Robinson & Darren Frost, "Some Of The People/Some Of The Time Vol 3 (Halloween Decor & Last People On Earth) and the "No... https://t.co/qeEHtpmWec

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dave has been a standup comedian for over two decades.  He has also hosted many acclaimed comedy podcasts and television specials over the years. His current podcast project NO WRONG ANSWERS is developing a steady following. In recent news, Dave has just released Volume One of Some of the People … Some of the Time.  A four volume retrospective comedy album series.
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