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We lost a Canadian Comedy Legend Mike Allan MacDonald a year ago and I wish he was still here for many reasons.
🍀🍀🍀Happy St.Patrick's Day as well🍀🍀🍀
Raise a glass for Mike (something He... https://t.co/RbeskKcPQl

Love this Photo of Me and Laurie Elliott taken at The Dominion On Queen during one if the "East End Comedy Revue" shows.
As a comic you get so exposed to so much comedy and you lose your… https://t.co/mdN9FVwjPU

My cat had 11 teeth extracted today. The estimate was one tooth and the cost was more than I thought. But he is good guy and his brother Eric and him are one of the funniest sketch duo's… https://t.co/jPeWxXN9Wl

Happy OMG/WTF Sunday to you.
Michael Jackson has nothing on This British Monster. This is the most ironic book in the world. It's funny because it's horrifying. More like "Celebrity… https://t.co/wyqi9o9khV
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dave has been a standup comedian for over two decades.  He has also hosted many acclaimed comedy podcasts and television specials over the years. His current podcast project NO WRONG ANSWERS is developing a steady following. In recent news, Dave has just released Volume One of Some of the People … Some of the Time.  A four volume retrospective comedy album series.
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