Anything Goes is back!

Join us while we try to make each other laugh in the middle of a Global Pandemic! Our no-holds-barred, full contact, current events talk show format will shatter your perceptions of reality or maybe drive you over the edge – but you’ll never have a dull moment !

Anything Goes is hosted by Darren Frost, Dave Martin and Kathleen McGee.

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Many elves died so that we may now present you with ‘The (nearly) Complete Collection of Anything Goes’ with Darren Frost, Dave Martin, Christina Walkinshaw and Kathleen McGee.  

We shall never forget the ultimate sacrifice our elves made to hand-code each episode so that we may, once again, bear witness to one of the most vulgar and reviled podcasts in recent memory.

Thank God they all decided to give that whole thing up.

-Webmaster Elf