Presenting the all-new “No Wrong Answers Comedy Podcast” from Dave Martin. 

Dave sits down with Comedian-Friends and asks them six simple questions.  Each question has a ten-minute window to answer. 

Uncensored, Fun & Informative 

Listen and enjoy while thinking , “How would *I* answer these questions?”…  
…and remember, there are No Wrong Answers ! 😉

Latest episode

Episode 15 |  March 28, 2018
Fraser Young, DeAnne Smith and Ryan Maglunob

  • If you were able to have the roll of any character in your favourite movie what character would it be?
  • If you had to choose a comic book super power what would it be…Or if your super power was having sex with dead people and it would bring them back to life would you use that power 
  • If you had to manage and eat at any fast food restaurant in a food court in a shopping mall..what establishment would it be?
  • Would you rather wear clown make up for a year to dress like a cow for a year?
  • If there was a zombie takeover would you want to have a flame thrower or a shotgun?
  • If you had to be in the middle of a human centipede who would you rather have in the front and who would you want in the back?


Ep.01 | Dean Young, Hunter Collins and Bobby Knauff

Ep.02 | Nick Beaton, Darryl Purvis,Pete Zedlacher

Ep.03 | Darren Frost, Johnny Gardhouse,Terry McGurrin

Ep.04 | Alan Park,Paul Haywood,Herb Irving

Ep.05 | Sandra Battaglini and Phil Luzi

Ep.06 | Casey Corbin, Kathleen McGee and Pete Johansson

Ep.07 | Bryan Hatt, Simon Rakoff and Michelle Michelle Shaughnessy

Ep.08 | Dan Lovranski George Westerholm and Kevin MacDonald

Ep.09 | Dom Pare Jamillah Ross and Claire Brosseau

Ep.10 | Ben Miner, Dave Hemstad, Lee-Ann Stewart and Dom Pare

Ep.11 | Jeremy Dobski, Melanie Dahling, and Kyle Bergstresser

Ep.12 | Jason Deline, Katie Westman, and Simon Rakoff

Ep.13 | Monty Scott, Joel Buxton, and Ryan Dillon

Ep.14 | Pat Thornton, Rebecca MacDonald, and Alan Park

Ep.15 | Fraser Young, DeAnne Smith and Ryan Maglunob